Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seat Selection

Most players will spend time selecting the most profitable tables to play at, but do not take into consideration there seat position.  Obviously online you can not pick the seat you would like to sit at, but you can choose to stay or leave a table if your seat selection is not profitable for you.

You look for tables with a high amount of players seeing the flop and where the average pot is fairly high. This tells you the table is very loose and willing to play for big profits, but what happens when you sit down and find that the players around you make it very difficult to play any hand at all.

If you find that the player who has position on you is a perpetual 3 bettor, or a player that never gives up and forces you to make a hand, it might be better to move onto another table.  Ideally you would like to have position on the weaker players at the table and hopefully no players in position on you that know how to use that position.

If you find yourself at a table with a few weak players, but with a couple very strong or difficult to play against players who have position on you, there is no shame in moving to another table with more profitable overall conditions.

Just because you find yourself at a table with a couple weak players does not mean the table is most suitable for you to make a profit.  Find tables that allow you to have the most profitable seat selection to maximize profit.  For each player this will be different depending on your playing style and ability to adapt to the table conditions. 

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